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Persian (Iran Islamic)Nederlands - nl-NLEnglish (United Kingdom)

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Commercial Mana added on the twelfth month in the year two thousand (12-09-2000) traders in the room is registered in the Netherlands.
Institute activities in past years mainly commercial production and distribution of rice, tea, oils, which were continuous.
Of the year two thousand and four (2004) along with the experience of these measures produced the Iranian Barbari bread and sweets began. 

Vlyrghm Frvdsh today to rise and become a manufacturer of candy and raised in Western Europe, Persian Zoolbia little distance. 

Commercial Mana hopes is the start of mass production until the end of summer sweetness Jatsh Dvhzarvyazdh (2011) can

enhance the quality and lowering prices to play a positive role.

Despite heavy pressure during the years of economic institutions and the small exception that we have not only against our problems,

but did not give in Dvhzaryazdh (2011) Development Plan completed its work and we run phase.
Including completed projects that have been implemented into the production and distribution of such products,

which include Ykhchalyst meat products like sausage and salami and dairy products like yogurt is Vpnyr.

Meat products produced by the Institute of Business and Money preparing with Mana and will be released soon.